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Beautiful Ford Custom Nugget 185 HP BVA Full options


We are selling our Nugget in perfect condition. 4m97 long, 2.07 high. Rare for sale with the van market very tight at the moment.

The exact name is as follows:

Ford Transit CustomNugget 320 L1H1 2.0 EcoBlue 185hp BVA6, GREY MAGNETIC, 9hp, 4 doors, put into service on 31-05-2021, 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

This vehicle with options was offered in 2021 at € 68600. We are selling it with 20'000 km at 57900 €.

The van is visible in Aix-les-Bains. Payment by bank cheque or bank transfer only.

Photos attached, some interior photos (from 7 to 10) are taken from the Ford site. It's hard to make nice interior pictures with lighting and all that goes with it. But here it is like on the pictures!

The German layout by Westfalia on the basis of Ford Custom transit is the best you can find on the compact van market. Lots of storage space, a real kitchen opening onto the outside, 4 beds, including one in 140 x 195 with an ultra comfortable bed base.

An ultra manoeuvrable van with a super tight turning radius, fits everywhere, even under most 2m00 height limiters, with the 10cm margin often present. Passes class 1 at tolls in most cases and if worried, just call an operator to pass class 1. Never had a single refusal. I have to do it on average 1 time out of 10 tolls. The rest of the time, the "Class 1" message is displayed just before paying, whether it's on the card or before taking out the telebadge.

Here is the list of what we think are the most important options, knowing that a copy and paste of the manufacturer's list is provided below.

Bodywork :

We added the Ford Raptor grille which gives it a very nice sporty look and had the original Ford Sport stripes in matte black and metallic grey stuck on by a covering pro (10 years of outfit mini). Combined with its "magnetic grey" tent it looks great! The original grille will be supplied with the van.

Driving part :

185 hp diesel engine: we have consumed an average of 8.1 litres/100 since its purchase and yet we have crossed quite a few passes... On the main road it goes down to 7l/100 when driving at regulation speeds.

6-speed automatic gearbox: very smooth, handles descents well and it is possible to switch to full manual mode or to take control in sequential mode while remaining in auto position: also very practical on descents or sometimes on climbs if the engine drops a gear when it is not needed, this happens sometimes and allows for very economical driving.

Adaptive cruise control, which not only detects speeds according to real time signs and not Google Maps, but also brakes if necessary according to the vehicles in front (with adjustable safety distance).

Steering and Tracking Assist: Super smooth, this assist keeps you in the middle of the lane and avoids the dizziness that sometimes happens when you look away. The steering wheel turns by itself and keeps the van in the middle of the road. You still have to hold the wheel! Be careful, it is not a permanent follow-up of the curves of the road but a return to the middle of the lane if there is a deviation. Do not rely on this system to drive the van on its own on long stretches of road like a Tesla. But it is very practical because your driving requires less precision and it is less tiring. With all this assistance this van is really very relaxing to drive. On the motorway, for example, once you've reached 120 km/h in the right-hand lane, you don't touch the pedals at all. Everything is done by the assistances and/or from the buttons on the steering wheel.

Alert and emergency braking if traffic should suddenly stop in front of you and a vehicle crosses your path...

In short, there are many assistance options that make driving very safe!

Bi-Xenon headlights for maximum illumination at night.

Automatic high beam on, full beam too with detection of oncoming vehicles to turn them off: great option that works every time!

Car windscreen wipers of course.

6HP multimedia system with more than adequate sound for a van. Apple Car play via 2 USB sockets. The touchscreen on-board computer and the SYNC 3 system serve as a WiFi hotspot, to which ten devices can be connected.

In the connectivity department, I particularly like the FordPass app, which allows you to know without a subscription or SIM card:
- Where the Nugget is parked
- Shut it down or open it remotely (even if the Nugget is parked in an area without a network). You just need to have a network where you are. Handy if you're not sure you've locked the vehicle.
- To start it remotely (pre-heating in winter, or air conditioning in summer)
- Manage consumption statistics, and many other functions.

Heated and swivelling front seats with multiple adjustments

Habitability part :

5-seater car registration.

Once the roof is up, you can walk the entire length of the living area while standing upright.

Direct and indirect ambient lighting (floor and ceiling) with adjustable intensity.

2 powerful batteries dedicated to the living area. It lasts several days with the fridge on and heating at night without driving.

42 litres of 'clean' water, same for wastewater.

Stationary heater, which is used on diesel, no smell and very quiet once the room temperature is almost reached. We have often slept with it, no noise concerns on this side. And above all, zero odour.
The heating can be programmed via the console on time slots if required.

A sunroof with a very comfortable 140 x 190 bed, I insist because it is rare with such thin mattresses. Everything comes from the Westaflia bed base which is exceptional! You can leave the bed made with a thin duvet by closing the roof. The roof closes by itself without forcing. It requires 3 or 4 training runs to get the fabric in place, but after that it's a lot of fun.
Excerpt from a test of this vehicle in the press:
"The comfortable bedding, with its extremely compact base made of plastic cups, is surprisingly soft and delicious.

120 x 185 bed at the bottom, which can be obtained by tilting the passenger seat.

Table with extension that folds down completely. Another external table is housed in the tailgate. We also provide 2 compact folding chairs, useful with this table.

Kitchen with 2 burners (piezo) and sink, worktop, 40 litre fridge. Lots of storage space and drawers.

Clothes cupboard with a small built-in safe. In the bottom cupboard we have a chemical toilet which we take out at night for our needs.

There is no hot water but this can be added. We didn't need it. The easiest way is to heat water on the gas and then use a washcloth if it's for washing yourself inside, otherwise outside there is a plug for a shower hose, but in cold water.

This is a superb van that shines with its handling and equipment.

For your information we pay 470 € per year of insurance for all risks with a maximum bonus.

List of manufacturer's equipment (not exhaustive) :

Options and equipment

Audio - Telecommunications
- 6 Speakers
- Steering wheel audio controls - Bluetooth hands-free kit
- USB socket
- Radio
- DAB digital radio - Audio 25 system

- Hill start assist
- Automatic engine shutdown and restart - ECO mode control
- Follow me home
- Speed limiter
- Cruise control


- Emergency Brake Assist
- Driver's airbag
- Passenger airbag
- Perimeter alarm
- Electronic immobiliser
- Traction control
- Height adjustable front seat belts - EBD
- Fog lights


- 1 Sliding side door with integral insect screen
- Rear mud flaps
- Front mud flaps
- Static intersection lighting
- Rear window wiper
- Emergency brake lights
- LED daytime running lights
- Particle filter
- Alu wheels
- Xenon headlights
- Halogen headlights
- Rear right side door
- Rear parking sensor
- Front parking sensor
- Indicator repeaters in rear view mirror - Defrosting mirrors
- Electric mirrors


- Height adjustable driver's headrest - Front door bins
- Folding rear bench seat
- 3-seat rear bench
- Closed glove box
- Auxiliary heating
- Manual air conditioning
- Tower account
- Ambient lighting
- Pollen Filter
- Isofix fastenings in the rear seats
- Trunk light
- Front reading lights
- Defrosting rear window
- Tinted rear window
- On-board computer
- Front cup holders
- Numerous 12V sockets
- Driver's seat with lumbar adjustment - Swivel driver's seat
- Height adjustable driver's seat
- Swivel passenger seat
- Central door locking
- Remote central locking
- Tinted rear windows
- Electric front windows
- Interlocking windows on row 2
- Fixed side windows on row 3
- Tinted windows
- Leather steering wheel
- Multi-function steering wheel
- Depth and height adjustable steering wheel

Other equipment and information:

- 230V/150W socket
- Right side door step
- Vision Plus Pack